Privacy Statement on Customer Personal Data

As Getir Perakende Lojistik A.Ş. (“Getir”), we process your personal data as the data controller. We have prepared this statement to inform you about issues related to processing of your personal data.
For all your questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you may contact us at

What Are My Personal Data That Getir Processes?

Your personal data we process are as follows:

Identity &Contact Finance Customer Transaction Location Transaction Security
Name-surname, gender, ID, age, phone number, e-mail and address Information regarding payments and payment methods Shopping history, order information, number of orders, application usage information, invoice information, request/complaint information Your location data to be processed if you give your consent Device information, IP address, user transaction records, password information

In addition to this information, we process your personal data regarding your preferences, likes, interests and usage habits and information obtained as a result of the analysis of your above mentioned data (for example, the most ordered products in the Getir mobile application).

What Methods Are Conducted to Collect My Personal Data?

We collect your personal data by automatic and partially automatic methods via the Getir mobile application.

For What Purposes Is My Personal Data Processed?

As Getir, we process your personal data within and outside of the country for following purposes:

What are the Legal Grounds that Getir is Based on When Processing My Personal Data?

We process your personal data based on the legal grounds stated in the Article 5 ofthe Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Your personal data is processed based on the below legal grounds:

Legal Grounds Based Sample Process of Personal Data Processing Processed Personal Data During the Process
Personal data processing is necessary for the establishment or performance of a contract signed between you and Getir. Receiving payment, confirming order and delivering your products as selected via the mobile application to your address. Name-surname, address, order and payment information.
Processing personal data for the establishment, execution or protection of a right. Receiving and finalizing requests/complaints entered by you in the courier evaluation area upon delivery of your product. Name-surname, customer ID, request/complaint information.
Processing personal data o fulfill our legal obligations. Issuance of invoices for your order. Name-surname, address, invoice information.
Personal data processing is mandatory for our legitimate interests. Offering you the most suitable product options for your preferences and interests in the “I May Like” section of the mobile application. Customer ID, preferences and interests related to products.
Giving consent for location data to be processed on the mobile app's launch or in your device's application settings. By matching the address and location, presenting the product options of the warehouses near your location. Name-surname, location information.

Under Which Conditions Is My Personal Data Transferred to Third Parties?

We share your personal data with the following parties within the country or outside the country, for the following purposes:

Getir Distributors, Couriers and GetirFood Restaurants Conducting communication between distributors, couriers, and restaurants and customers, conducting customer order transactions, informing the couriers about the address to which the order will be delivered.
Business Partners & Suppliers Getting support from suppliers related to the products and services offered by Getir to its customers, conducting financial and accounting works, managing business partner and supplier relations.
Authorized Persons, Institutions or Organizations Providing information to authorized persons, institutions, or organizations, fulfilling our legal obligations, conducting legal processes and conducting our activities in accordance with the legislation.

How Can I Use My Rights Regarding My Personal Data?

Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data regulates the rights of data subjects (natural persons whose personal data are processed). You may use the following methods to exercise your rights specified in this Article and submit your requests to Getir:

  1. You may send your request to by using your e-mail address registered in our systems.
  2. You may send your requests in written to Etiler Mah. Tanburi Ali Efendi Sok. Maya Residences Sit. T Blok No:13/334 Beşiktaş/İstanbul.
  3. You may use the other methods stated in the Communiqué on the Application Procedure and Principles to the Data Controller.