What is GETIR?

GETIR is an iOS and Android mobile app. GETIR allows you to order everyday items for instant delivery.

How do I use GETIR?

After downloading GETIR and signing up:

- Select a delivery address,

- Add items to your basket,

- Select a payment method,

After confirming, follow your order live.

How do I sign up?

Download the app and enter your mobile number. After filling the required fields, you can place an order.

How do I order?

After opening the app, select a delivery address and add items to your basket. After selecting a payment method, confirm your order. After that, the app will show you the courier info. You can even follow the order live on the map.

How do I pay?

You only have to to enter your payment info just once. Don't worry, your payment information is kept on MasterCard's secure services and not known by GETIR. After confirming your order, the total amount of order is charged to your card. It's that simple. With GETIR, you don't have to deal with cash or POS payments.

What do I do when my credit card was rejected?

No worries. Just add a new card and try again!

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Your personal information is stored safely and we have tight security procedures and safety measures to keep it that way.

Where is GETIR available?

GETIR is currently available in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Kocaeli. If you would like to use GETIR in other regions or cities, please send an e-mail to info@getir.com. Your recommendation could make the difference!

When I try to sign up, it says my number is in use. What should I do?

You can create a new password by pressing "Forgot Password" and resetting your password.

My location can't be found, what should I do?

Don't worry. You can select your delivery address from the map.

I have a problem with the app, what should I do?

You can email us at info@getir.com or contact our always available customer services.

Is Getir 24/7?

Of course. Getir is always available.